Focus on water quantity and availability

BAs focus solely on water-related impacts, and specifically those related to water quantity or availability. Potential water quality hazards were identified through the comprehensive hazard analysis undertaken as part of conceptual modelling for the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion (companion product 2.3 (Holland et al., 2016)). Potential water quality hazards were identified but the analysis, as determined by the BA scope, was limited to salinity, which was addressed qualitatively.

BAs focus on those surface water and groundwater effects that may accumulate, either over extended time frames or as a result of multiple coal resource developments. These typically correspond to changes in surface water and groundwater that are sustained over long periods of time, sometimes over decades, and that may create the potential for flow-on effects through the wider hydrological system.

Many activities related to coal resource development may cause local or on-site changes to surface water or groundwater. These are not considered in BAs because they are assumed to be adequately managed by site-based risk management and mitigation procedures, and are unlikely to create potential cumulative impacts. Impacts and risks associated with water quality attributes other than salinity that are potentially affected by coal resource development are identified, but not analysed further, in this Assessment.

Last updated:
30 October 2018
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