Links to related information and research

This page provides links to other government research activities that, while not directly part of the Australian Government's bioregional assessment programs, are significant in building a broader understanding of Australia’s environment, society and economy in the context of unconventional gas (which includes coal seam gas) and coal exploration and development.

Australian Government's Domestic Gas Strategy

The Australian Government’s Domestic Gas Strategy outlines the Australian Government’s role, and expectations of state and territory governments and industry, in developing unconventional gas. It identifies a number of actions the Australian Government is undertaking to support the responsible development of unconventional gas resources, including understanding and communicating the science to build confidence in the community that risks and environmental impacts can be managed.



Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance

Gas Industry Social & Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) is a partnership between the CSIRO and industry to research environmental, social and economic impacts and opportunities that onshore gas development may have on communities. The projects and research findings are independently verified and transparently available to everyone on the GISERA website.


The hydrogeology and groundwater resources of four priority coal-bearing basins in Australia

Geoscience Australia has completed studies on the hydrogeology and coal resources in four major coal basins in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. The geological basins that were the focus of this study are not initially part of the Bioregional Assessment Program.



Groundwater hydrochemical characterisation of the Surat Region and Laura Basin — Queensland

Geoscience Australia has completed a desktop study to characterise the hydrogeochemistry of groundwater associated with coal seams and surrounding aquifers in the Surat Region and Laura Basin, in Queensland.



What is unconventional gas?

CSIRO and partners undertake research in a wide range of areas associated with understanding and extracting unconventional gas.



Unearthing coal seam gas

CSIRO’s 'Unearthing coal seam gas' animation provides an overview of the coal seam gas extraction process, from drilling the well to what happens to the extracted gas and water.




Last updated:
9 September 2021