About bioregional assessments

In these pages you can learn more about the Australian Government’s two programs of bioregional assessments, including information on what the bioregional assessments are and how Commonwealth agencies are working together to deliver them.

See: Frequently asked questions to read about what bioregional assessments are.

See: Collaborators to read about how agencies are working together to deliver  bioregional assessments.

The Australian Government’s bioregional assessment programs provide transparent scientific information to better understand the potential impacts of unconventional gas and coal mining developments on water and the environment. There are two separate programs of bioregional assessments.

Bioregional Assessment Program

The Bioregional Assessment Program was completed in 2018 and looked at the impacts of coal seam gas and large coal mining developments on water resources and water-dependent assets over six bioregions.

See: Bioregional Assessment Program for more information and available products.

Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program 

The Geological and Bioregional Assessment Program assessed potential environmental impacts from shale and tight gas resource development to inform regulatory frameworks and management approaches. The program was completed in 2021.  

Last updated:
21 September 2021