Component 2: Model-data analysis

The model-data analysis component of a bioregional assessment is one of five components that bring together information about a bioregion or a subregion. Reports and registers, known as products, are generated as part of each component, building the body of knowledge about the bioregions and the risks and potential impacts of coal resource development.

This component, model-data analysis, describes the hydrological relationships between coal resource development and potentially impacted water and water-dependent assets in the environment.

To do this a series of products are created that bring together hydrological, ecological and industry data with outputs from conceptual, numerical and analytical models.

Component 2 products

Products that are created as part of this component include:

2.1-2.2 Observation analysis, statistical analysis and interpolation

Describes the datasets and analyses that are used to underpin the numerical surface water models, groundwater models, and conceptual models, and contribute to a deeper understanding of hydrology, hydrogeology, and geology in the bioregion or subregion. In some bioregions or subregions, geological models are developed within bioregional assessments and these are described here.

2.3 Conceptual modelling

Describes the current understanding of how geological, hydrological and ecological systems interact, and the causal pathways that lead from coal resource development to potential impacts on water and water-dependent assets. This product also describes the most likely combination of future coal resource development considered in the assessment for that subregion or bioregion.

2.5 Water balance assessment

Describes how the water balance is potentially impacted by coal resource development for three time slices into the future – 2013 to 2042, 2043 to 2072, and 2073 to 2102.

2.6.1-2.6.2 Surface water and groundwater numerical modelling

Describes the models used to assess potential changes (and uncertainties) in surface water and groundwater quantity and levels due to coal resource development.

2.7 Receptor impact modelling

Characterises, through modelling, how locations in a bioregion or subregion are potentially impacted due to coal resource development. Through constructing models derived from expert knowledge, modelling examines how ecological and human dominated systems might respond to hydrological change.

The information provided in Component 2 products is used to support the research undertaken in other components: impact and risk analysis.

Published products