2.1-2.2 Observations analysis, statistical analysis and interpolation

The products on observation analysis, statistical analysis and interpolation describe the information necessary to better understand and model the areas where coal resource development is possible.

The products present analyses about the bioregion or subregion’s:

  • geography
  • geology
  • hydrogeology and groundwater quality
  • surface water hydrology and water quality
  • surface water – groundwater interactions.

The products summarise water management for coal resource developments, required for numerical modelling of surface water and groundwater.

In addition, the products describe the nature, variation and uncertainty for datasets, and also provides advice on data gaps.

Relationship to other products

The products on observations analysis, statistical analysis and interpolation are part of a series of model-data analysis (Component 2) products, which describe the hydrological relationships between coal resource development and potentially impacted water resources and water-dependent assets in the subregion or bioregion. These inform impact and risk analysis (Component 3 and 4) products on the risks to and potential impacts on water resources and water-dependent assets, such as bores and habitats.