Northern Sydney Basin bioregion

View of the Gloucester valley NSW with the Barrington River and associated riparian vegetation in the foreground and the township Gloucester in the distance looking south from the Kia Ora Lookout, 2013 Credit: Heinz Buettikofer, CSIRO

This bioregional assessment helps us understand how coal seam gas and coal mining development could affect water resources and water-dependent assets in the Northern Sydney Basin bioregion. It identifies where potential cumulative impacts could occur, as well as the areas that are unlikely to be affected.

About the bioregion

The Northern Sydney Basin bioregion is located east of the Great Dividing Range and is entirely within New South Wales. It adjoins the Northern Inland Catchments bioregion in the north-west, and the Sydney Basin bioregion in the south.

This bioregion contains two subregions: the Gloucester subregion and Hunter subregion. The subregions were selected because they are areas of significant current coal mining development, the Gloucester subregion includes an assessment of the now terminated AGL coal seam gas development. 

Last updated:
7 October 2016