2.1-2.2 Data analysis for the Galilee subregion

Executive summary

Artesian Spring Wetland at  Doongmabulla Nature Refuge, QLD, 2013 Credit: Jeremy Drimer, University of Queensland

The observations analysis, statistical analysis and interpolation product for the Galilee subregion in the Lake Eyre Basin bioregion describes the information necessary to better understand and model the areas where coal resource development is possible. This provides a quantitative understanding of the Galilee subregion by analysing the observed data and, where required, estimating additional data for locations where data are sparse.

The product presents the following datasets and analyses:

  • geography: all geographic data specific to the Galilee subregion were obtained from state or national datasets
  • geology: the geological model developed for the bioregional assessment of the Galilee subregion consists of a series of upper surfaces of stratigraphic sequences (structure contours) and thickness (isopach) maps. These were compiled to form a composite geological model of stratigraphic units in the Eromanga and Galilee basins.
  • hydrogeology and groundwater quality: hydrochemistry data were available for three regional aquifers, three regional partial aquifers and three regional aquitards.
  • surface water hydrology and water quality: the Galilee subregion and its neighbouring areas contain 36 streamflow gauges. Data from 15 of them were used for hydrological model calibration or assessment of impact due to the coal resource development pathway.
  • surface water – groundwater interactions: surface water – groundwater interactions manifest in various ways including baseflow to rivers, discharge to springs and lakes and groundwater-dependent ecosystems.

This product includes an assessment of data errors and uncertainties; the spatial and temporal resolution of observations over space and time; and algorithms used in the development of derived datasets. Data gaps are identified.

In addition, this product summarises water management for coal resource developments, required for numerical modelling of surface water and groundwater.

Relationship to other products

This product on observations analysis, statistical analysis and interpolation is part of a series of model-data analysis (Component 2) products, which describe the hydrological relationships between coal resource development and potentially impacted water resources and water-dependent assets in the subregion. This product informs impact and risk analysis (Component 3 and 4) products on the risks to and potential impacts on water resources and water-dependent assets, such as bores and habitats.

Last updated:
6 December 2018
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