1.2 Coal and coal seam gas resource assessment

The coal and coal seam gas resource assessment summarises the coal and coal seam gas activity in the bioregion or subregion. This includes assessment of coal resources, current developments and potential future developments which remain subject to approval by relevant government agencies. This information is used in the bioregional assessments to develop the coal resource development pathway, which describes the most likely combination of resource developments at a bioregion or subregion scale.


For each bioregion or subregion, this product contains information about:

  • the location and surrounding geology of coal resources
  • current coal and coal seam gas extraction activities
  • existing mining leases and licences
  • proposed future developments – comprising both new developments and expansion or closure of existing developments, including information on the location, timing and extraction methods and volumes.

Purpose of product

Understanding the existing and planned coal and coal seam gas developments is essential to all bioregional assessments. The information collected enables the current state of coal and coal seam gas activity to be established against which the impacts of likely future coal development can be compared.

These products contain maps that illustrate where coal resources are located within the bioregion or subregion, along with cross-sections that show the geological profile and major coal-bearing sequences. A description of the locations where coal seam gas development may be possible is also provided.