Supporting materials

Supporting materials include studies that supported or underpinned the Geological and Bioregional Assessments. They include several studies that were designed to improve the level of water-related and environmental baseline information in the Beetaloo GBA region.

Introduction to causal networks

The GBA Program developed a new methodology based on causal networks to assess potential impacts due to shale and tight gas developments on water and the environment at a regional scale. The method provides a transparent and consistent way to understand and evaluate impacts, and outlines priorities for management, mitigation, and monitoring requirements

This methodology can be downloaded from the Introduction to causal networks page.


The Geological and Bioregional Assessment (GBA) Program has prepared a series of short factsheets to provide summary information on GBA program results, methods, field investigations and research. This material has all been used to underpin the program’s assessments in each GBA region.

More information on each of these factsheets is available on the Factsheets landing page.

The Beetaloo Ecology reports

Baseline Ecological surveys to improve understanding of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in the region. These surveys also targeted threatened species providing new records and improved understanding of habitat of the Gouldian finch, crested shrike-tit (northern) and greater bilby. The occurrence of the Gulf snapping turtle in the region was also established during these surveys.

You can find the final report and appendix on the Beetaloo Ecology reports page.

Further data and information access

All data, maps and information produced through, or used by the GBA Program have been made publicly available. There are two primary ways to discover or access the program's information or data:

  1. Through the GBA Explorer. There is a data download link for the maps and data that support each page in the explorer. The explorer also has a search function that will help find where the information of interest has been considered or identified within the GBA program's assessments.
  2. Searching for it using When searching through, it is advised that the search term includes 'Bioregional Assessments' to ensure that program specific information is deemed most relevant by the search engine.


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21 September 2021