Bibblewindi Gas Exploration Pilot wells

Santos was granted approval from the NSW Government in July 2014 to expand its Bibblewindi Gas Exploration Pilot under the Energy NSW CSG Exploration and Appraisal Program (RPS Australia East, 2013a). The Bibblewindi CSG wells are shown on Figure 11. As part of the Bibblewindi Gas Exploration Pilot Expansion two additional pilot wells (Bibblewindi 31 and 32) are approved to be drilled within the existing Bibblewindi Multi-Lateral Pilot, which is located in the Bibblewindi State Forest, approximately 40 km south of Narrabri. The expanded pilot has approval to operate for up to three years, after which post-operation decommissioning and rehabilitation would be carried out. Any proposal to convert the pilot wells into production wells will be included in the Narrabri Gas Project discussed in Section (GHD, 2014). The Bibblewindi Gas Exploration pilot wells did not require approval under the EPBC Act as the proposed action was not considered likely to be significant if undertaken in a particular manner. The activities that have been approved for the expansion include site preparation at existing well leases, and establishment of necessary equipment, temporary structures and facilities to enable the drilling of one vertical pilot well and one lateral pilot well that would be connected to the Bibblewindi Multi-Lateral Pilot (RPS Australia East, 2013a).

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5 January 2018
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