1.2.3 Proposals and exploration


There are three coal developments that have recently been approved by the NSW and Australian Governments (Maules Creek, Boggabri Extension and Tarrawonga Extension) and one development, the Vickery Project, has recently received NSW Government approval (Australian Government approval was not required). Two developments in the Namoi subregion are seeking approval to operate (Watermark and Caroona). Two other potential developments that are in the exploration phase are the Vickery South Coal Project and the Goonbri Exploration Project.

There are six coal seam gas (CSG) developments in various stages of exploration, pre-development and pilot testing (Narrabri Gas Project, the Bibblewindi and Dewhurst gas exploration pilots, the Narrabri Coal Seam Gas Utilisation project and the Kahlua and Glasserton pilots). Current coal and CSG development and exploration are primarily in the central and eastern parts of the subregion.

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5 January 2018
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