Kayuga Project

The Kayuga project is located 250 km north-west of Sydney in the Upper Hunter Valley, about 10 km north-west of Muswellbrook. It is owned by Anglo Coal (Dartbrook Management) Pty Ltd. The Kayuga project is part of the Dartbrook Mine, which has been offered for sale in 2015 (Anglo American, 2014). The Kayuga project applied for mining leases over two portions of land and both applications received objections in the NSW Court of Appeal (2000). Kayuga Coal Pty Ltd disputed the objections but it was found the land contains ‘improvements’, such as fences, or characteristic features of the agricultural land. In 2000, Kayuga Coal Pty Ltd proved that the characteristic features could not be included in the ‘improvements’ specified in S62(1) of the NSW Mining Act 1992 but they could not prove that the fences were not included in these ’improvements‘ (New South Wales Court of Appeal, 2000). The size of the Kayuga coal resource is not evident and has not been reported in the OZMIN database.

Last updated:
18 January 2019
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