Westside Coal Mine

The Westside Coal Mine is approximately 20 km south-west of Newcastle. Westside Coal Mine is owned by Glencore plc (Glencore) and was managed by Oceanic Coal Australia Limited (OCAL) on behalf of the Macquarie Coal Joint Venture (MCJV). Mining operations were undertaken by Thiess Australian Mining. The mine began operations in 1992 (GHD, 2010, p. 1), and mining ceased in February 2012 (Glencore, 2013a). OCAL was granted development consent in 2003 by the NSW Minister for Planning to construct the Westside Mine Southern Extension, a 21 year development allowing open-cut operations to continue for a further 7 to 12 years (GHD, 2010, p. 1). Less than 1 Mt/year of ROM thermal coal was produced at the mine (Glencore, 2013a) where the open-cut operation was run using truck and shovel with dozer push processes (Glencore, 2013a). Final void filling was undertaken progressively, and rehabilitation works were completed by April 2012 (Glencore, 2013a).

Rehabilitation methods included developing the bulk landscape shape, spreading topsoil, contouring drains, adding gypsum, and preparing and fertilising vegetation. The haul road width was reduced to minimise dirty storm water runoff, bunds were removed and drains were constructed and revegetated with couch grass (Glencore, 2013a). Activities including ongoing land and water management, and flora, fauna and soil surveys are used to monitor rehabilitation efforts and are reported monthly by Glencore (Glencore, 2014d; and for example Xstrata Coal, 2014).

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18 January 2019
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