The objective of groundwater modelling undertaken as part of the bioregional assessment (BA) is to probabilistically assess hydrological changes arising from coal seam gas (CSG) and coal mining development at water-dependent assets and receptors. The Queensland Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA) regional groundwater model is considered a fit-for-purpose regional-scale groundwater model for BA. The primary purpose of the OGIA model is to predict the regional water pressure and water level changes in aquifers within the Surat cumulative management area (CMA) in response to the depressurisation of the coal seams for CSG production. The OGIA model is re-run annually based on the latest available industry development plans and has been revised for the BA to also simulate water-related impacts of coal mine developments in the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion.

Last updated:
17 October 2018
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