This technical product was reviewed by several groups:

  • Discipline Leaders: Steven Lewis (geology, Geoscience Australia), Richard Mount (assets, Bureau of Meteorology)
  • Senior Science Leaders: David Post (Projects Director, CSIRO), Trevor Dhu (Science Director, Geoscience Australia), Brent Henderson (Science Director, CSIRO)
  • Technical Assurance Reference Group: Chaired by Peter Baker (Principal Science Advisor, Department of the Environment), this group comprises officials from the New South Wales, Queensland, South Australian and Victorian governments
  • Additional reviewers: Maryam Ahmad (products, CSIRO), Heinz Buettikofer (products, CSIRO). Companies developing coal and coal seam gas resources in the Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine subregion checked the accuracy of our descriptions of their operations: Allegiance Coal Limited, Aquila Resources Ltd, Arrow Energy Pty Ltd, Blue Energy Limited, Carbon Energy Limited, InterGen Australia, Cockatoo Coal Limited, MetroCoal Limited and SinoCoal Resources Pty Ltd, New Hope Group, Origin Energy Limited, Peabody Energy, QGC Pty Limited, Santos Ltd, Senex Energy Limited.
Last updated:
5 January 2018
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