Columboola Project

Columboola Project is a joint venture between MetroCoal Limited and SinoCoal Resources Pty Ltd. SinoCoal Resources is the Australian subsidiary of China Coal Import and Export Company (CCIEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of China Coal Group Corp (MetroCoal Limited, 2011). Inferred resources of 1618 Mt and indicated resources of 94.7 Mt (1712.7 Mt total) were reported (MetroCoal Limited, 2013). The project is targeting down dip (deeper) extensions of the coal seams at the nearby Cameby Downs area, currently mined by Yancoal (MetroCoal Limited, n.d.). Exploration so far has established that the inferred resource is amenable to underground mining and drilling results have confirmed potentially economic and mineable coal in MacAlister seam, in addition to other working sections elsewhere in the Walloon Coal Measures (MetroCoal Limited, n.d.). The project is currently at Stage 1, which has included 44 holes and is identifying the most prospective area of the tenement. Stage 2 will assess resource confidence to make a decision on mining studies (MetroCoal Limited, n.d.). No timing is yet available for a potential start to Stage 2 or mining activity planning.

Exploration is ongoing, however with consideration given to CSG activity in the area, the construction and subsequent mining at Columboola will not be permitted to commence before 2023 at the earliest. Desktop planning and concept studies are continuing in the meanwhile (N Villa (MetroCoal Limited), 2014, pers. comm.).

Last updated:
5 January 2018
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