Coal exploration

There are currently approximately 190 EPCs listed on the Queensland Government Interactive Resource and Tenure Maps (IRTM) system (as at 29 August 2014) of which 18 show the status as ‘Application’ and the remainder as ‘Granted’. Of those ‘Granted’ some are lodged also as renewals. At the time of performing this study, the most up-to-date source was IRTM. The most recently lodged permit in the area identified by IRTM was dated 2011. A state-wide restricted area was introduced in 2012 to prevent over the counter applications and provide a process for the controlled release of land (S Joseph (DNRM), 2014, pers. comm.). A call for tender process is now in place for the release of land for coal exploration (Queensland Government, 2014). IRTM was deactivated on 29 August 2014, and replaced by MinesOnlineMaps (DNRM, 2014b). However, it should be noted that although this is the most up-to-date searchable resource currently publicly available, the most recently ‘lodged’ permits in the database are dated 2011. Exploration to date has been situated along the north, north-eastern and east sides of the subregion.

Last updated:
5 January 2018
Thumbnail of the Maranoa-Baloone-Condamine subregion

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