1.1.1 Bioregion

The Pedirka subregion is part of the Lake Eyre Basin bioregion (Figure 3). The Lake Eyre Basin bioregion covers an area of approximately 1.31 million km2 of central and north-eastern Australia, including parts of Queensland, NSW, SA and the NT (Figure 3). The Lake Eyre Basin bioregion incorporates the whole of the Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre surface drainage basin as well as portions of several adjacent surface drainage catchments. The main areas of interest within the Lake Eyre Basin bioregion are principally those underlain by four separate coal-bearing geological basins – the Pedirka and Arckaringa basins in the west, and the Galilee and Cooper basins in the east.

The Galilee, Cooper, Pedirka and Arckaringa basin areas each define subregions within Lake Eyre Basin bioregion. Each of these subregions will be the subject of a bioregional assessment.

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5 January 2018
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