'Springs' landscape group

Within the zone of potential hydrological change for the Galilee subregion, there are 200 springs or spring complexes (Table 5). These are all placed in a single landscape class within the ‘Springs’ landscape group. The main clusters of springs/spring complexes are described in Section 2.7.3.

Two qualitative mathematical models were developed that describe the general dynamics of the aquatic communities associated with springs in the ‘Springs’ landscape group. The two models differ in that one considers that benthic algae respond to an increase in water depth whereas the other model considers that benthic algae do not respond to this variable.

No receptor impact model was developed for the ‘Springs’ landscape group, as there were insufficient available data to model the response of springs to groundwater drawdown in this part of the Galilee subregion.

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6 December 2018
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