This technical product was reviewed by several groups:

  • Discipline Leaders: Steven Lewis (geology, Geoscience Australia), Russell Crosbie (hydrogeology CSIRO), Neil Viney (surface water hydrology, CSIRO), Alexander Herr (ecology, CSIRO)
  • Senior Science Leaders: David Post (Projects Director), Trevor Dhu (Science Director, Geoscience Australia), Brent Henderson (Science Director, CSIRO), Becky Schmidt (Products Manager, CSIRO)
  • Additional reviewers of details on water sharing plans (WSPs) in Section Allan Raine, Michael Healey, Lucy Dobbs and Bethany Hanson (NSW Department of Primary Industries, Office of Water)

The authors acknowledge and thank John Laurie and Bob Nicoll (Geoscience Australia) for creating Figure 33.

Last updated:
18 January 2019
Thumbnail of the Hunter subregion

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