2.7.5 Limitations and gaps


This product concludes with the construction and interpretation of receptor impact models. The predictions of receptor impact variables at assessment units occurs in the impact and risk analysis product.

Limitations of the Gloucester subregion bioregional assessment (BA) receptor impact models and the knowledge gaps that prevented qualitative models for some potentially impacted landscape classes being developed into quantitative models are summarised. Limitations identified suggest that that opportunities to build on the receptor impact modelling include, considering water quality as a driver of potential change in receptor impact variables, extending the qualitative mathematical models developed for wet and dry sclerophyll forests or forested wetlands to receptor impact modelling, and exploring the implications of a drawdown up to 2m on the groundwater-dependent landscape classes. There are also opportunities to consider additional receptor impact variables and models given that the receptor impact variables used may speak more directly to some part of the ecosystem than others.

Last updated:
13 November 2018