Clarence Moreton Resources/ERM Gas

Clarence Moreton Resources Pty Ltd. is the holder of PELs 457, 478 and 479. Freely flowing gas from sandstone reservoirs has been has been observed at some of the exploration wells in the Clarence-Moreton bioregion. This observation resulted in additional exploration efforts to further investigate these conventional gas resources that do not involve or require water extraction. Target intervals are the Kangaroo Creek Sandstone in PELs 457 & 479, and Triassic sandstone members in PEL 478, aiming to assess conventional gas potential of these units.

Initially, exploration was conducted under a farm-in-agreement with Red Sky Energy who completed two wells intersecting the Walloon Coal Measures. Subsequent to demonstrated conventional gas flow from a shallow sandstone reservoir in the Talma 1 well in PEL 457 above the Walloon Coal Measures, Red Sky’s interests in PELs 457 and 479 were acquired by ERM Gas. ERM Gas has now assumed operatorship of the drilling programme of the Talma‑2 conventional gas pilot well in this PEL on behalf of Clarence Moreton Resources. This pilot well has gained approval, and it is testing the conventional gas potential of the Kangaroo Creek Sandstone (conventional gas resources above the Walloon Coal Measures and separated from the Walloon Coal Measures by the Maclean Sandstone Member).

There are no current proposals for further exploration of CSG resources (Hodda (ERM Gas), 2014, pers. comm.).

Last updated:
8 January 2018