3.3.1 Hydrological response variables and receptor impact variables

The process for the preliminary distribution of receptors across the landscape (step one for assigning receptors) requires the Assessment team to consider, at least conceptually, the likely or known hydrological response variables and receptor impact variables potentially involved in the assessment (see companion submethodologies M06 and M07 (as listed in Table 1) for surface water modelling (Viney, 2016) and groundwater modelling (Crosbie et al., 2016), respectively, for lists of recommended hydrological response variables). For example, where changes in the water regime caused by coal resource development do not involve surface water, then no surface water hydrological response variables need be considered. The second stage of refining the distribution of receptors (step six for assigning receptors) will require a more detailed knowledge of the potential hydrological response variables and receptor impact variables. This more detailed knowledge will be drawn from the available conceptual modelling, surface water and groundwater modelling, uncertainty analysis and receptor impact modelling work at the time the receptor register is defined.

Last updated:
12 December 2018