Scope and overview

This section summarises the conceptual understanding of geological and hydrogeological systems of the Galilee subregion and how they interact with each other, and specifically builds on information in companion products 1.1, 1.2, 1.5 and 2.1-2.2 for the Galilee subregion (Evans et al., 2014; Lewis et al., 2014; Evans et al., 2015; and Evans et al., 2018, respectively). It describes the connectivity between deep and shallow aquifer systems as well as their interaction with the surface water system, thus highlighting the possible pathways through which water-dependent assets may be impacted by potential coal resource development in the subregion. Section 2.3.5 discusses specific causal pathways in the context of coal mines and CSG operations.

Some components of the conceptualised geology and hydrogeology contain more detail than others, such as the thickness of overburden in the Galilee subregion and hydrodynamics of major aquifer systems in the Galilee Basin. This is because they have a specific relevance to hydraulic connectivity as well as potential causal pathways in the Galilee subregion.

Last updated:
17 December 2018