Determining the preliminary assessment extent

The impacts from developing the coal resources in a subregion could extend beyond the subregion boundary, or might not extend as far as the subregion boundary due to its remoteness from development. The PAE is the geographic area associated with a bioregion or subregion in which the potential water-related impact of coal resource development on assets is assessed. It is the first step in identifying potentially impacted assets.

There is no PAE for the Gwydir subregion because the most likely development pathway for the subregion indicates there will be no coal mines nor CSG developments in the subregion. Therefore, the subsequent descriptions will consider assets for the whole subregion to provide an initial resource should future developments occur (Figure 3).

For more detailed information on coal resources in the Gwydir subregion, see companion product 1.2 for the Gwydir subregion (Pinetown et al., 2014).

Figure 3

Figure 3 Gwydir subregion

Last updated:
15 October 2018