Logan river basin, Albert river basin and Teviot Brook basin

Logan River and its major tributaries, Albert River and Teviot Brook, are located in south-east Queensland. The Walloon Coal Measures and other Clarence-Moreton stratigraphic units form the bedrock over much of their catchments. There is, at present, only a limited understanding of surface water – groundwater interaction in these river basins. However, some knowledge of Logan River has been gained from a study where different techniques for estimating groundwater discharge to streams were tested in 10 selected river basins in eastern Australia (Cook et al., 2010).

A PhD thesis (Duvert, In prep.) is currently examining the nature of the connectivity between the bedrock, the alluvium and the stream in the Teviot Brook basin, a sub-basin of the Logan-Albert river basin.

Last updated:
8 January 2018
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