1.3 Water-dependent asset register for the Cooper subregion

Executive summary

Cooper Creek near Innamincka, SA, 23 May 2013 Credit: Dr Anthony Budd, Geoscience Australia

The water-dependent asset register for the Cooper subregion is a simple and authoritative list of assets within the preliminary assessment extent that are potentially affected by changes in water due to coal seam gas and coal mining development.

This register was extracted from the subregion's asset database in August 2015.

Preliminary assessment extent

The preliminary assessment extent for the Cooper subregion encompasses approximately 70,589 square kilometres. It includes areas that have potential for changes in water due to future coal seam gas developments. This includes limited areas downstream and outside the subregion boundary. Although coal does occur throughout the subregion no economically viable deposits have been defined in the Cooper subregion

Water-dependent assets

There are a total of 1549 water-dependent assets in the Cooper subregion preliminary assessment extent.

Ecological water-dependent assets

There are 1516 ecological water-dependent assets. They include:

  • one threatened ecosystem
  • two internationally important bird habitats
  • the habitat of 12 protected species
  • many wetlands.

Economic water-dependent assets

There are seven economic water-dependent assets, including water access licences.  

Sociocultural water-dependent assets

There are 26 sociocultural water-dependent assets including:

  • two recreation areas
  • nine Indigenous sites
  • 15 heritage sites.

A separate report on Indigenous water assets in the Cooper subregion is available. It includes information that is relevant to this product and contributes to this bioregional assessment.

Last updated:
28 September 2018