About this submethodology

The following notes are relevant only for this submethodology.

  • All reasonable efforts were made to provide all material under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence.
  • All maps created as part of the BAs for inclusion in this document used the Albers equal area with a central meridian of 140.0° East for the Lake Eyre Basin bioregion and its subregions, and 151.0° East for all other bioregions and subregions. The two standard parallels for all bioregions and subregions are –18.0° and –36.0°.background

[1] In the context of this submethodology and the broader Bioregional Assessment Programme the term ‘coal resource development pathway’ is used to refer to the possible combination of individual coal mining operations (either by open-cut or underground methods) as well as coal seam gas production.

[2] Identified resource is a specific term used in Australia’s national resource classification scheme – see Appendix A for further details.

[3] The information listed here is restricted to the jurisdictional governments that are signatories to the National Partnership Agreement on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mines, these being NSW, Queensland, SA and Victoria.

[4] The information provided in these tables does not relate to any specific subregion or bioregion in the BAs, and is purely illustrative. Thus, the references shown in the notes column are used only as examples, and are not included in the chapter reference list.

[5] The X subregion name in the example here does not relate to any specific subregion, and is provided only as an illustrative example of how to write the description of the coal resource development pathway. The names of individual coal mines and coal seam gas sites will of course vary for each bioregion or subregion, so actual names have not been used in this example. Likewise, the references to Figure A and Figure B in this statement are purely illustrative and do not relate to any actual figures within this document.

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12 October 2018