1.3.1 Methods


The water-dependent asset register is a list of water-dependent assets identified for use in the bioregional assessment (BA) of the Namoi subregion. This section details the specific application to the Namoi subregion of methods described in the companion submethodology M02 (as listed in Table 1) for compiling water-dependent assets (Mount et al., 2015), outlining how the register was compiled. Key concepts and terminology are also explained.

The methods covered include: the process of collecting different groups of assets and determining their water dependency, the development and compilation of the water‑dependent asset register, and the determination of the preliminary assessment extent (PAE) of the Namoi subregion.

The extent of the Namoi subregion is defined by the Namoi river basin, but terminates in the east against the Hunter-Mooki Thrust fault, which marks the furthest extent of the coal-bearing geological Gunnedah Basin. This boundary determines the extent of the coal resource under consideration. However, the impacts from developing this resource could extend beyond the subregion boundary, and in other places might be unlikely to extend as far as the subregion boundary. The PAE incorporates findings from the Namoi Catchment water study (Schlumberger Water Services, 2012). The assets listed in the water-dependent asset register occur within this PAE.

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6 December 2018