1.3 Water-dependent asset register for the Galilee subregion

Executive summary

Artesian Spring Wetland at  Doongmabulla Nature Refuge, QLD, 2013 Credit: Jeremy Drimer, University of Queensland

The water-dependent asset register for the Galilee subregion is a simple and authoritative list of assets within the preliminary assessment extent that are potentially affected by changes in water due to coal seam gas and coal mining development.

This register was extracted from the subregion's asset database in September 2015.

Preliminary assessment extent

The preliminary assessment extent includes the whole of the Galilee subregion along with a significant buffer of between 5 and 20 kilometres around all drainage channels to the north and east. To the south and the west the buffer is increased up to 200 kilometres to include the groundwater flow in the Eromanga Basin.

Water-dependent assets in the Galilee subregion

There are a total of 4184 water-dependent assets in the water-dependent asset register for the preliminary assessment extent for the Galilee subregion.

Ecological water-dependent assets

There are 3973 ecological water-dependent assets and they include:

  • 83 wetlands and many rivers, lakes, waterholes or billabongs
  • 151 groundwater features, such as aquifers
  • the habitat of 19 protected species
  • 13 internationally important bird areas
  • six threatened ecological communities.

Economic water-dependent assets

There are 129 economic water-dependent assets in the Galilee subregion. They include water access rights.

Sociocultural water-dependent assets

There are 82 sociocultural water-dependent assets in the Galilee water-dependent asset register. They include:

  • 16 Indigenous sites
  • 62 heritage sites.

A separate report on Indigenous water assets in the Galilee subregion is available. The report includes information relevant to this product and contributes to the bioregional assessment.

Last updated:
28 September 2018