Supporting knowledge projects

This page provides information about two supporting knowledge projects undertaken in association with the Lake Eyre Basin bioregional assessment.

A report on the numerical groundwater model for the Galilee Basin

The Galilee Basin Hydrologeological Model report describes a numerical groundwater model of the Galilee subregion in Queensland, an area of approximately 300,000 square kilometres. The model covers the whole of the Galilee Basin as well as the parts of the overlying Eromanga Basin. This Basin contains aquifers that form part of the Great Artesian Basin, an aquifer system of great national significance.

The groundwater model described in the report was developed to assess the cumulative impacts to groundwater of seven proposed coal mines and is the first basin-wide model in this region. Over 100 groundwater springs were modelled. Of these, 27 were reported to be of significant value and include such groups of springs as Doongmabulla, Mellaluka, Edgebaston, Correna and Corinda springs.

This report was produced by HydroSimulations on behalf of the Queensland and Commonwealth governments, and will be referenced in the bioregional assessment for the Galilee subregion. 

A report on the springs in the Eromanga, Carpentaria and Galilee basins

The hydrogeology, cultural history and biological values of springs in the Barcaldine, Springvale and Flinders River supergroups, Galilee Basin springs and Tertiary springs of western Queensland report provides information on the history, ecology, hydrogeology and potential impacts of mines and proposed mining developments on key spring ecosystems within the Eromanga, Carpentaria and Galilee Basins. This report was produced by the Queensland Government and can be downloaded from their website.  

Last updated:
20 November 2017